On July 29, 2017, The Urban Initiative sponsored “Unity in the Community” day in the Nation’s Capital.

Over 100 flyers were distributed and more than $500 dollars in food and supplies were donated to The Urban Initiative to support this highly successful community event. Planned and hosted largely by Capitol Gateway resident Janice Simms, this “Unity in the Community” day event was aimed to simply bring people of the community together for a day of fellowship, food and fun. While the event was not aimed to gain publicity nor recognition, nonetheless, community residents came out in numbers to support Janice’s efforts.

Over the course of the day, over 75 neighbors, family members and youth participated in this first event of its kind in the Capitol Gateway community. Not only was more than enough food available to go around, the community spirit that prevailed will last a lifetime. The event’s success is a result of Janice’s planning, volunteerism and dedication to her community. This effort to reach and bring people together would not have been possible without her.

When asked about her thoughts of the event, she simply stated, “It was a good day.” The overwhelming community support was well worth the input. Looking back over the community response for “Unity in the Community” day, Janice now plans to hold similar events in her community with The Urban Initiative in the Spring of 2018 as well.