Community Mentorship Project

Community Mentorship Project

The goal of the Community Mentorship Program is to positively impact Urban communities, by empowering them with knowledge that will ultimately produce freedom.

Our goal is to provide a unique mentorship program, in an effort to address disparities that, oftentimes, plague urban communities at-large.

The Urban Initiative Community Mentorship Project is aimed to engage Urban leaders with Urban culture, through education and service, thereby expanding mindsets and changing lives. Through the help and expertise of regular people, equipping Urban communities with effective knowledge is our utmost priority. Hence, sharing knowledge in areas like, community empowerment, economic development, real-estate, law, family engagement, youth empowerment, education, personal finances and other subjects is essential for progressive Urban development.

We believe that success for Urban communities, in part, is largely related to leveraging the resources already within its borders. Therefore, Urban communities continually require the service of genuine people with extraordinary passion. It’s a team effort. In this manner, we help one another maximize our potential. Urban communities, for example, have a wealth of knowledge and experience that, when effectively harnessed, can produce extraordinary results.

At the core, Urban communities must return to the basic principle of love, including love for each other. By working with Urban leaders to effectively educate Urban communities on real topics, then, we are together able to meet real needs. The ultimate goal of this initiative is to see Urban communities experience true personal fulfillment – one person at a time.

-The Urban Initiative Team