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TUI has created a “Video Blog” for the purpose of highlighting the voice and expertise of ordinary citizens with the urban context. We want to hear from you about your thought concerning relevant social issues that affect urban communities nationwide and around the world.

We are looking for 1-3 minute video clips about your position on issues near to your heart, that you would like others to think about. Video clips may be educational, inspirational thought-provoking are you may simply ask a question you have been curious about.

Examples of video topics may include:

TUI Video Blogs
1.  Flint Water Crisis
2.  Urban Education
3.  Racilaity Disparity and Equality
4.  African Americans Issues
5.  Women’s Issues
6.  Men’s Issues
7.  Spirituality
8.  Entrepreneurship
9.  Urban Development
10. Relationships
11. Dating

To share your thoughts simply login to Youtube, post your video,
and share to our channel theurbaninitiative


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