Flint Water Crisis

Flint Water Crisis

Flint, MI has been in the spotlight for over the past few years after the Republican governor, Rick Snyder allowed the city to switch to Flint river water from Detroit water source using Lake Huron’s water in April 2014. The Flint river water corroded the pipes, which caused major issues. The most noticeable occurrence was the high levels of lead found in children.

In December 2014, Flint river water was not even good enough for General Motors to use for their vehicle parts. The CEO declared that it rusted their vehicle parts, so it switched to a fresh supply from Flint Township, which was not even an option for Flint residents.

It is disheartening to see a city poisoned from neglect of city and state officials. It was clear, a vehicle was more important than human life. This has struck nerves with the city of Flint, which prompted worldwide attention. People protested across the country. There were rallies held in Flint, MI that drove celebrities to come to the streets of Flint.

As time passed, the media attention died down. Yet Flint residents are still dealing with not having clean water.

The people of Flint are ready for a breakthrough. However, major media tends to only focus on the negative happenings of Flint, MI, while very little has been done to highlight the drive and passion of the many young, vibrant individuals building up this generation. Flint, MI is not exempt. There is a rise of young entrepreneurs building their brand and living out their passion. Many of these good deeds, however, have become overlooked.

What we want now is for the citizens of Flint to join forces and make positive change in the midst of this negative situation. We want to spark attention to let the world know, indeed, the people of Flint, MI are revitalizing the Flint, MI community to make Flint a great place to live again.

Join us today!
The Flint Water Crisis is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to make a generational impact for a community in need. We at The Urban Initiative have a goal to yield greater exposure to this ongoing, but unresolved problem.

You can contribute in the following ways:

    • Donate: Your contributions goes to support of national campaign to raise awareness and garner support for the people of Flint, MI.
    • Share your testimony: Write to us or submit a video to share your experience with or opinion about the Flint Water Crisis and what must be done.
    • Get exposure: Submit a copy of your business profile to gain exposure and grow your business audience.
    • Participate: Partner with us at The Urban Initiative to host local events in you town or city to network and help develop positive urban relationships and create local opportunities.
    • Become a mentor: We need you!. The Urban Initiative is looking to create local chapters to further our goal to be a viable mentoring source for the community. As a mentor, you can share your knowledge and experience with other urban professionals and youth looking to grow to the next level.
    • Contact us: To learn more about TUI and our ongoing efforts feel free to contact us anytime and share your ideas for your community.