#TheUrbanInitiative – Who We Are

Who We Are

THE URBAN INITIATIVE (TUI) is a nonprofit corporation organized and operated exclusively for educational and charitable purposes. Specifically, TUI was formed primarily with education in mind, whereby our programs are centered around individual empowerment and community development. We strive to equip the undeserved, distressed and underprivileged across Urban Communities – where possible – to see the type of positive manifestations people are looking for, thereby, meeting their existential and developmental needs.

TUI Mission

The mission of The Urban Initiative is to empower Urban communities with the knowledge needed to maximize their potential.

TUI Vision

The vision of The Urban Initiative is to develop leaders who see themselves as agents of change, committed to meeting the needs of their generation.


The Urban Initiative is a non-profit corporation for community empowerment, which began in response to the modern plight of urban communities.

    • To empower urban communities to seek the knowledge that will ultimately set them free.
    • To promote advocacy on behalf of urban communities across U.S. and the world.
    • To promote an educational program, which gives moral and ethical norms beneficial to the advancement of urban communities.
    • To implement local chapters in every major city.
    • To develop community mentors to engage youth with edifying information.
    • To create relevant urban investment policy.
    • To provide viable mediums for people to share their passion and discover their gift to serve humanity.